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Wandelend door spaans

'Walking through Spanish!'

"Walking through Spanish!" is an e-learning method to learn Spanish, based on the text of a walk through the Santa Cruz quarter of Seville.

Author of text and teaching method is Guillermo Fernández Barcia, teacher and interpreter-translator Spanish, founder/director of Holandalucía.
The method is illustrated and designed by Paulien Wittenrood.

Sneak preview

Introduction to the e-learning method

2012 computer drawings, photos, web design

Places of interest at the Paseo por Santa Cruz

2010 computer drawings, web design

Vocabulary in pictures I

2010 computer drawings, web design

Vocabulary oin pictures II

2010 computert drawings, web design

Paseo por Santa Cruz / directions

2012 book / computer drawings, photos, maps

Paseo por Santa Cruz / the story in pictures

2016 leporello / computer drawings