Paulien Wittenrood

Born 1948, Bennekom


1966 graduated from grammar school at the Wageningsch Lyceum
1966-1971 Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, art teacher training

Exhibitions (solo)

2019 “30 years walking on Dartmoor”, exhibition space Hes 29, Arnhem
2012 De Kreek, Oosterbeek
2011 Gallery Klas Vijf, Velp
2007 Gallery Klas Vijf, Velp
2006 Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem
1998 Kunsthuis 13, Velp
1994 Town hall Oosterbeek "Walking on Dartmoor"
1992 gallery Siméra-Signe, Maastricht
1990 Artists centre de Kijkdoos, Bennekom
County hall, Arnhem
1984 gallery de Vis, Harlingen
1983 Kunstuitleen SBK, Ede
gallery Arti-Choque, Velp
1982 gallery de Fiets, Delft
1978 gallery Willy Schoots, Eindhoven
1977 gallery de Fiets, Delft
Kunsthandel Ina Broerse, Laren
1976 gallery Polder, Borne
Kunsthandel Ina Broerse, Amsterdam

Exhibitions (group)

2019 "ALL OF A SUDDEN'', ABN building, Oosterbeek
  Kunstroute Renkum, Open studios
2018 Kunstroute Renkum, Open studios
2017 De Renkumse Salon,town hall Oosterbeek, project by Scarabee
  Furament 2017, Tervuren, BelgiĆ«
2016 Gelders Arcadia, Echos from Time, project by Scarabee (see more)
2015 Code Rood, "A remarkable forest scene at Schaarsbergen",
installation at Buitenplaats Arnhem (see more)
  "The very best of", town hall Oosterbeek, project by Scarabee
  "In the spotlight", Gallery Espace Enny, Laag Keppel
2013 ''4 x landscape'', town hall Oosterbeek, project by Scarabee
2012 ''The Wodans oaks'', town hall Oosterbeek, project by Scarabee (see more)
2009 "Hello-Goodbye" GBK-exhibition in the Holland Open Air Museum, Arnhem (see more)
2008 Kunstsalon De Steeg, ''Landscapes at eye level"
''About the Heimat and the journey'', town hall Oosterbeek, project Art Land by Scarabee
2007 graphic art at Gallery The 7th Heaven, Velp
2006 "The Big Consumer", (project by Ada Dispa), Arnhem
  artists' books, Graphic Studio, Utrecht
  ''Monkish work'', GBK-exhibition at The Refter, Ubbergen
2005 "Made in Arnhem" CBKG
2004 "" Amsterdam
members exhibition GBK, Melksalon Arnhem
2003 graphic art, Kunsthuis 13, Velp
2002 art teachers exhibition Vrije Akademie "de Liemers", Zevenaar
2001 graphic art, Kunsthuis 13, Velp
2000 "Different Graphic Art", De Veemvloer, Amsterdam
"It has been seen", Museum of Modern Art Arnhem
1999 "Spanish year", castle Ammersoye (see more)
1995 Bergkerk Deventer, graphic art
gallery Breevoort, Bredevoort, artists' books
graphic art Kunsthuis 13, Velp
1993 graphic art Kunsthuis 13, Velp
1991 "Laureatenmap" (portfolio by the laureates of the Gelderland Graphic Art Prize)
graphic art Kunsthuis 13, Velp
1990 "Grafiek Nu 4" Singer Museum, Laren
1989 "Gelderland in prose, poetry and prints" Museum of Modern Art Arnhem  
"Printed art" Museum Henriëtte Polak, Zutphen
1988 publication of the portfolio Werkeiland Neeltje Jans, presented in the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem
1987 acquisitions by the province, County Hall, Arnhem
KCB, Bergen NH
1986 Grafiek Nu 2, Singer Museum, Laren
1984 participation in project "White Spaces" about women in the visual arts at the Studium Generale at the Wageningen University (exhibition, catalogue, video)
1982 gallery Steinemann, Ottoberg, Zwitserland
1980 gallery de Beerenburght, Eck en Wiel
1979 gallery de Fiets, Delft
1978 Graphic Art at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam


1989 Gelderland Graphic Art Prize
1986 Honorable Mention Netherlands Graphic Art Prize


2003 print for Grafipersingen
1997 print for "Travel" exhibition SBK Gelderland
1991 participation in the "Laureatenmap" by Stichting Signature
1989 prints for County Gelderland, for Stichting Signature and newspaper "de Gelderlander"
1988 3 prints for SBK Gelderland
1987 print for Grafisch Centrum Arnhem
print for SBK for the edition "Gelderland in prose, poetry and prints"
1983 print for Dienst Esthetische Vormgeving PTT
1980 participation in Graphic Art 80 in The Krabbedans, The Vaart and Cultural Centre Venlo
1977 participation in the Gelderland Portfolio
works among others in collections of Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Museum CODA Apeldoorn, NKS, DEV-PTT, exhibition service SBK, province and many private owners

Webdesign and computer drawing

2007-2014 drawings and webdesign for the method "Walking through Spanish!"
by Guillermo Fernández Barcia, Holandalucía
2004-2014 website Holandalucía, drawings and webdesign
2009 website Agnes Kersten
2005 "A virtual walk on Dartmoor", walk through computer drawings for beamer projection

Teaching and commissions

2003 teaching advanced training courses at the Graphic Workshop de Wittenburg, Zevenaar
1996-2003 teaching graphic art at the Vrije Akademie at Zevenaar
1995-1998 teaching graphic art at CKA te Apeldoorn
1991 selection commission for the exhibition "Experimental graphic art" in cooperation with GBK and office KaAP, studium generale HK Arnhem
1987 commission expense allowance for professional artists, WVC
1985-1986 selection commission Kunstuitleen SBK Gelderland
1983 workshop "body language and visual language" at the feminist educational worker course at the Kopse Hof in Nijmegen
1973-1978 teaching designing, department of landscape architecture, Wageningen University


2002-2003 further training courses graphic art for professional artists and art historians in the Graphic Workshop De Wittenburg te Zevenaar in cooperation with Elsbeth Zimmermann
1991 exhibition "Experimental graphic art" in cooperation with GBK and office KaAP, studium generale HK Arnhem, and the forum discussion for this project about "the position of graphic art in the contemporary visual arts" in cooperation with drs. Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee
1988 group project: edition of the portfolio "Werkeiland Neeltje Jans"
1983 participation in the Winteruniversity Women's Studies at the University of Nijmegen with the lecture "A sense of freedom in the landscape during hikes on Dartmoor" and the introduction and discussion about "The attraction of a tip-up chair" (about women and career) in cooperation with Els Leijser
1981 participation in the Arnhem summer festival with the Scandal and Frustration Theatre
1980 establishing Women's Art Strong Arm Gang and Scandal and Frustration Theatre
1977 establishing Women's Art Centre Arnhem

Publications about my work

2015 "Gelderlander Galerie" (May)
2012 ''Paulien Wittenrood walks searching for tracks through the void'', article by Martin Pieterse in GBK-magazine June 2012
2007 ''60 artists in the 6 villages of the municipality Renkum'', Hanneke Oberink and Henk Gerritsen
1994 text by drs. Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee for the exhibition "Walking on Dartmoor"
"A stroll through the emptiness of the paper", article in the Gelderlander (25 November 1994) by Martin Pieterse about the exhibition "Walking on Dartmoor"
1992 "This is the spot", edited by Wam de Moor, edition the Walburg Press
1989 "Het Blad" (GBK magazine) nr. 92, article by Ans van Berkum on the occasion of the Gelderland Graphic Art Prize 1989
double page special edition in the daily newspaper "The Gelderlander" with an article by Koos Tuitjer and a print on the occasion of the Gelderland Graphic Art Prize
1987 "The eye should walk", article by Ans van Berkum for the province Gelderland
1984 "White spaces", catalogue accompanying the project by Inge Riemersma about women in the visual arts at the Studium Generale of Wageningen University
"Grafiek Nu 1" by Ad van der Blom
"Opzij" December 1984, article by Mirjam Westen

Own texts (among others)

2009 "I never knew my grandfather, but I still have his suit from the tropics", booklet accompanying the installation in the tropical greenhouse at the Holland Open Air Museum, in the context of the GBK exhibition "Hello-Goodbye"
2006 ''The most delicious food in the most beautiful landscape, a small 'rijsttafel' on Dartmoor'' cookbook
2001 ''A la Sal'', graphic score, artists' book
2000 "Graphic art and fun terror", text for "De Doos", publication accompanying the exhibition "Different Graphic Art"
1999 "Diccionario misterioso", artists' book
1992 ''Disarmed art", about Museum de Pont, in "Het Blad" (GBK-magazine)
1990 article in response to the jury report of the Prix de Rome Graphic art 1990, published in the LOGA-magazine
1986 text for the flyer "Paulien Wittenrood, Etchings 1985/86"
1981 "Why have we already used our last means of pressure? " a critical evaluation of the Women's Strike the 30th of March and the blockade of the Binnenhof the 28th of April 1981 (pamphlet)
1980 "The feminist church", pamphlet about sectarianism inside women's lib
1979 ''About Pentimento", article in the Arnhem Women's Newspaper in response to the actions against Frans Zwartjes' movie