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Walking on Dartmoor / 1991-1998


1991 - 1992 (graphic art)

Walks in the mist and along prehistoric stone circles.

Walk over Fur Tor

1992 woodcut on Kozo paper with coarse fiber

Walk over Lakehead Hill

1992 colour etchings

1993 - 1998 (graphic art and works on paper)

Walks along prehistoric stone rows

Assycombe I en II

1993 en 1995 works on paper


1994 linocut on Japanese paper

Bledgebrook Head

1996 colour etchings

Whit Moor circle

1997 woodcut

The hills of longing (Bellever)

1997 woodcut

Searching for the path to the Longstone

1997 woodcut

Messages from the valley of the Meavy

1998 mixed media on Chinese paper


1998 woodcut