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Coming over the hill / Walk over Shoveldown (artists' book)

colour pencil on coloured paper

40 x 21 cm


edition 1 copy

55 pages

bookbinding: Hand book binding 'de Kooihoek', Brakel

'On top of the hill a stone stands out against the sky. Walking up to it, you see another one appearing. The stones seem to direct you to the Shoveldown complex.

Some stones are lying in line with tors or cairns on the hills in the distance. Thus, spatial relationships appear to exist over distances miles long.
But what is indicated to me?
What should I see?

A line through a stone and a tor in the distance seems to indicate something in the valley of the Gallaven Brook. Is the gray spot down there something special, or did the stone incline in the course of time and does it now indicate something that it was never meant to indicate?

Looking from the cairn on the edge of the hill you can follow the direction of the stone rows in the valley. Is there a connection with the cairns at Cosdon, with Round Tor, Wild Tor or Watern Tor?
Somewhere on the next hill, Scorhill circle should be situated.  If you know there has to be something, you can find it: following the direction of the stone row you see dark spots in the grass.'

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